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Bio Boucherie

We are promoting the revitalisation of artisanal butchery in close relation to the farmers and the processors . From cutting to finishing, our qualified butchers know their job and the value of the animal produce. We want to share this value with you. Don’t hesitate to ask us where our meat comes from and the best way to prepare it.

Our selection is very varied: in addition to our excellent organic beef, veal, pork, lamb and poultry, we offer European specialities such as Bavarian white sausage, Spanish chorizo and Parma ham from Italy. Among the great Luxembourg classics you will find Wäinzoossiss, Riesling pâté, grilled sausage, or Demeter salami from the Schanck-Haff farm in Hupperdange. For a quick meal, we prepare quiches, salads and a selection of ready-made dishes.

The special nature of our trade lies in the fact that we work exclusively with meat and meat products from organic and biodynamic farming, preferably sourced from Luxembourg farms or those in the border regions. Thus, from breeding to slaughter, we guarantee the animals are properly treated in a way that is respectful. Our respect for the animal is illustrated by the fact that we use virtually every part of the animal.

The exclusively plant-based diet of our animals, their freedom to move around, and processing without preservatives or flavour enhancers are crucial to the quality and natural flavour that characterises our products.

Among our most important partners are the Bio Boucherie Niessen, the abattoir in Ettelbruck, which is a member of the Interessegemeinschaft Vermarktung Lëtzeburger Biofleesch (Biomaufel), the families Weis (Roodt-Ell), Emering (Sprinkange) and Colling-von Roesgen (Colmar-Berg) and La Provençale, as well as the Belgian organic poultry producers from the Liège-Chimay region.

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