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Economy of the Common Good

How do our services ensure benefits for society?

Since 2013, we participate in the initiative of the Economy for the Common Good, meaning that the company measures its performance in terms of ecological, social and economic sustainability calculated by indicators in the following categories

- human dignity

- solidarity and justice

- environmental sustainability

- participation and transparency

Through a self-assessment followed by an audit process conducted by an external auditor, the group has received excellent results in the three audits implemented over the last ten years.

Following measures and initiatives led to the outstanding results:

  • the consistent ecological orientation in all areas of the company, which promotes healthy nutrition for the end consumer by offering organic products and indirectly unfolding further positive effects such as the protection of natural resources, like soil and water and preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity;
  • continuous investments in technical equipment aiming at improved energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, besides
  • the strong social commitment of the group of companies. The fair and cooperative collaboration along the value chain through the practiced "round table" sessions with producers, wholesale and retail is considered exemplary.