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Since the founding of the first NATURATA store, our goal has been to offer you fresh produce with as little packaging as possible. This objective is easy to meet for our range of fruit and vegetables, which is our focus, but we also seek optimum solutions for preservation and transport for all the other segments.

Packaging is not necessarily superfluous

Depending on the type and nature of the product, good packaging has to fulfil the most varied functions: it protects fragile food, facilitates the transport of the goods, contributes to the longevity of the food and must comply with specific rules in terms of hygiene. Furthermore, the European Union and the national authorities have strict obligations in terms of labelling, particularly in the food sector. These obligations concern, in particular, the ingredients, the nutritional values or the origin of a product. This information, which is valuable for the consumer, must be indicated on a card.

Despite the diversity of the directives, food producers still have some freedom in terms of design and materials. As retailers, we don't have any direct influence over those elements. Nevertheless, when we add new products to our offering, we ensure respect for the environment and for resources. It is rare that we refuse a product on account of its packaging. In fact, experience shows that the most sustainable evolutions in terms of the design of materials and processes have their origins in the organic sector. Nowhere else is the use of returnable bottles, recycled paper and organic plastic as widespread.

“Nohalteg ënnerwee” with sustainable packaging solutions

In those areas where we, as retailers, can be proactive, we have already taken several steps towards reducing packaging waste. We offer fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese and meat completely unpackaged. Working with the health authorities, we established a system that meets all the requirements in terms of food safety and hygiene, while allowing you to bring your own containers from home to fill them with bread, cheese and even meat. We are also taking part in the Ecobox project from the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development in conjunction with SuperDrecksKëscht. The green Ecobox is available, against a returnable deposit, from our Bio-Restaurant in Munsbach and from the Bio-Bistros in store, for you to take away any of your leftovers. Each Box is reusable, dishwasher-proof, cold and heat resistant, and can be recycled. In addition, we use thermal till receipts with no chemical colour developers, packaging paper for cheese with real wax without plasticised or mineral oil film, as well as washable nets in organic cotton for vegetables.

We have set out for you, in a practical fold-out made from recycled paper (downloadable alongside this text), our most sustainable packaging solutions.

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  • ECO-Bag_12

We act against food waste

Every piece of wasted food is a waste of work, valuable resources and packaging. Imperfectly shaped or bruised fruit and vegetables, tiny eggs, yesterday’s pastries, or dairy produce close to its use-by date are too valuable to end up in the bin. We give them a second chance by avoiding throwing them straight in the bin and by applying a 30% discount on the initial price. You can identify "Zweet-Chance" products by their orange label. Goods that are unsold despite the price reduction are given to our staff for free.