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Dairy and eggs

We are renowned for our cheese and dairy specialities, made according to tradition and processed with care. Our wide selection includes varieties of pasteurised, thermised or raw milk cheeses – Luxembourg and European – made from cow’s, ewe’s and goat’s milk. Our product range is supplemented by a wide variety of dairy products available at our self-service counters, including a large number of lactose-free products and vegan alternatives to cheese, natural fromage frais and yoghurt.

The milk, recognisable by the blue cow on the packaging, comes from the BIOG-Molkerei dairy in Bascharage, which has been awarded the Bio-Agrar-Präis. Since 2016, it has processed exclusively organic milk of Luxembourg origin from the Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg (BIOG) cooperative. Some of the BIOG milk is processed into chocolate milk, cream, yoghurt and various flavours of ice cream.

The Demeter cheeses made by the BIOG cooperative’sfarm cheese dairies on the Schanck-Haff in Hupperdange and the Kass-Haff in Rollingen-Mersch are also presented in BIOG packaging. Among the products made on site are Klenge Mëllen, Klenge Sténkert, Stoffi and various hard cheeses, known as Éisleker.

Our range of fresh BIOG products is supplemented by hens’ eggs. The BIOG Demeter eggs come from the Meyers-Haff farm in Windhof, the BIOG organic eggs from our partner BIO-OVO in Buschdorf. BIO-OVO is a community of egg producers established in the Greater Region (Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium).

The USP of the BIOG fresh produce is its fair&associative label. This signifies that all the stakeholders in the value chain ensure a fair collaboration founded on cooperation in the context of discussions on the current state of the market.