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In the NATURATA Bio Resto: textile art in miniature

In Munsbach, a new exhibition opened its doors within the NATURATA organic restaurant. In many ways extraordinary, it combines a hundred works of art crafted from a group of friends. The textile miniatures play the "needle painting" in all its variations.

Der erste Impuls


"What are we going to do when we retire?" Was machen wir, wenn wir pensioniert sind?“, Five friends asked themselves a few years ago - and since many of them were already creative professionals - the answer was close: creating something artsy together. That way, textile works of art emerged, which don't have much in common apart from the material. This "frame" has the measures of 15x15 cm and is made out of night blue colored felt.

Actu202002 Expo Textile

Enjoying their first exhibition together (f.l.t.r.): Liliane, Thérüse, Marie-José, Gaby and Joëlle.

  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal1
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal2
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal3
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal4
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal5
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal6
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal7
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal8
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal9
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal10
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal11
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal12
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal13
  • Actu2020 Expo Tex Gal14

Practical notes


The Exhibition can be visited during Opening hours of the NATURATA Bio Resto in Munsbach (13, Rue Gabriel Lippmann) Mo-Fr 08:30-18:30, Sa: 08:30-17:30.

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