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BIOG diary plant participating in the BIOFACH convention

The BIOG milk plant was represented at the current edition of BIOFACH, a leading convention for organic food, where the members could network with many different People.

The representatives of our OIKOPOLIS Group, especially BIOGROS and NATURATA, use this important convention as the perfect opportunity to meet to exchange the latest trends, novelties and ideas with organic producers and suppliers since many years.

BIOG diary was participating for the first time to show its whole range of products. Our colleagues were able to get into contact with other members of the industry in order to promote their products outside the borders of Luxembourg.

Actu202002 Biofach Molkereis

Like every other diary plant in Luxembourg that processes the raw milk of the local farmers, BIOG diary is reliant on selling its products abroad since the the local production exceeds the demand. This can be explained by the relatively small volume of the Luxembourgish market. Moreover, local diary products need to compete with many products from the neighbouring countries.

Perfect setting to network in the milk industry