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Naturata Kass-Haff

The NATURATA farm shop on the biodynamic Kass-Haff farm near Rollingen/Mersch is our smallest shop with its 200 m2 sales area. Nevertheless it has a lot to offer: In addition to a good basic assortment you will also find Demeter products from the farm itself such as potatoes, apples, salad, eggs, dairy products and meat.

A visit to the farm animals (cows, chicken, goats, rabbits, horses and pigs) makes shopping a very special experience, especially for children - who can also celebrate their birthday parties on the farm.

At NATURATA Kas-Haff you will find:

    • various biodynamic products from the farm (e.g. eggs, meat, potatoes, salad)
    • fresh fruit and vegetables daily, preferably regional and seasonal varieties
    • breads, pastries and cakes created by organic bakers in Luxembourg and the Sarre
    • speciality Luxembourg and European cheeses made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk
    • a huge selection of dry goods: cereals, spices, oils, spreads, mueslis, dried fruits, chocolate, coffee and tea
    • the full BIOG brand range
    • chilled and frozen products: sausages, meat, fish, ready-made dishes, ice creams, etc.
    • vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free foods
    • artesian mineral water, cold drinks, fruit and vegetable juices
    • organic and biodynamic wines, sparkling wines, beers, speciality liqueurs from the Moselle and the whole of Europe;
    • certified natural skincare products and cosmetics, notably without animal testing, free from petroleum derivatives, questionable preservatives and microplastics
    • eco-friendly cleaning products
    • essential oils and food supplements
    • high-end baby and infant food, mainly of Demeter quality
    • dog and cat food

The farm store has easy access via an external ramp. The customer parking spaces are just in front of the shop.