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BIOG betroot carpaccio, lamb's lettuce with caramelised pears and goat's cheese

IMG 2272
  1. Clean, wash and drain the lamb's lettuce. Cut the beetroot into thin slices. Quarter the walnuts.
  2. Cut the pears into wedges. Heat butter in a pan, add sugar and let it caramelise. Add pear wedges and 5 tbsp of water and cook for approx. 5 min.
  3. Mix vinegar, red wine, salt, pepper and honey, add oil.
  4. Arrange the beetroot slices on large plates like a carpaccio. Place the lamb's lettuce in the middle, then add the goat's cheese on the lamb's lettuce with 2 teaspoons. Place the caramelised pears on top, pour the vinaigrette over them and sprinkle with walnuts.