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Gluten-free products

Our range of gluten-free products has expanded considerably in recent years. You will find, stocked on the shelves of the NATURATA stores, goods including packaged bread, bread rolls, cakes, cake mixes, flours, pastries, breakfast cereals, muesli, spreads and even beers.

In addition, the bakery section offers gluten-free chocolate cakes, as well as organic gluten-free bread made with rice or maize, available to order from OIKO-Bakhaus in Munsbach. The ingredients in these two recipes do not contain any gluten, although the finished product may contain traces of gluten by virtue of their fabrication.

To find out more, check the labels in the aisles of the NATURATA stores. The pictograms will indicate vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free products. They are all marked according to the producer's specifications. In general, each store has an aisle containing exclusively gluten-free foods.