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Juices and cold drinks

In our stores you will find artesian mineral water, fresh juices made from organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables, speciality juices made from chokeberry, turmeric, soursop, grenadine, elderberry and sea buckthorn berries, birch sap, coconut drinks, lemonades, punch for children and much more.

The majority of our drinks are presented in returnable glass bottles, allowing us to reduce resource wastage and guaranteeing that the original flavour of the drinks is fully preserved.


We sell beers from the Bavarian organic brewery Neumarkter Lammsbräu, local organic beers from the Brasserie Simon in Wiltz, plus a variety of speciality beers from small micro-breweries, as well as gluten-free and alcohol-free beers.

Wines and sparkling wines

Our white, red and rosé wines come from Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy or Spain, although the regional focus is on wines from the Moselle. Organic vegan wines, which are clarified without using products of animal origin, are clearly indicated on our shelves. We also offer wines that do not contain sulphites. We also sell organic sparkling wine, prosecco and champagne.

Every month we recommend a “wine of the month” to give you a chance to discover new wines.


The organic segment now offers a wide selection of spirits such as cognac, grappa, amaretto and port. One of the local specialities is our Lëtzebuerger Hunnegdrëpp, from the organic beekeeper Nico Kalmes in Bivange.