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The model of financing - regional solidarity

The way the Oikopolis group is financed, is also based upon criteria of sustainability and regional cooperation and solidarity. In four public subscriptions, private shareholders have become engaged to finance and support the group of companies and its initiatives.

The main mission of the holding company Oikopolis Participations SA is to support, through its financial participation, regional businesses and initiatives that, like the BIOG cooperative pursue ecological and social objectives. In addition, the structure as created over time strengthens the core businesses not only in a financial way but also through different types of synergies within the network. The holding company, whether owning a low or a high percentage of shares, ensures that the operational autonomy of all businesses is maintained. Oikopolis Participations’ re-investment rate is around 90% as shareholders continue to support investment in ecological and social initiatives.

Since 2018, the Oikopolis Foundation Luxembourg functions as a non-profit foundation for the "promotion of a sustainable agricultural and food culture, in particular related to organic and biodynamic farming. Therewith contributing to the protection of the natural environment, as well as contributing to awareness raising and learning, in a sense, that the Foundation supports also research, consultancy and training regarding sustainable agriculture or processing of organic products.