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NATURATA & SOS Faim: „help for South-Kivu“ – sustainable agriculture instead of poverty and dependency

On the 30 th of November, a new round of our NATURATA solidary action begins. And again, we ask you: please help us to help others! Please donate your NATURATA-stickers! We double the amount and transfer the donations via SOS Faim to South-Kivu.

Together with SOS Faim we support the population of the Congolese privince South-Kivu with their fight against hunger, poverty and dependency. To Sustain peace and to guarantee food security in the region, the revical of the agriculture is essential. Approximately 70% of all families in South-Kivu live from agriculture.

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The challenges are big: there is a lack in tools, structure and knowledge in how to make damaged soil fruitful again and cultivate it in a sustainable way.

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What we demand:

The NATURATA organic stores and farms belong to the Luxembourgish organic farmers. In 1989, they formes the BIOG association and procduce cooperatively ever since. Out of conviction, we demand:

  • Sustainable production in the family business
  • Establishment of farming cooperatives
  • Sensitisation of ressource preventing methods
  • Education and support through local consultants on site
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Response from South-Kivu

Since the beginning of our charity cooperation together with SOS faim and the„Amis du Kivu“ in 2017, we were able to help a lot: Rückmeldung aus Süd-Kivu

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„Make 10 out of 1“: Small donation - big effect!

What we demand


In the period until the 15th of January 2020 we accept al donations of purchase Stickers in all the NATURATA stores.

Thanks to the co-financing of the Luxemburgish foreign ministery, the sum will be multiplied by 5.

Calculation: worth of your donation in South-Kivu


2,80 € 1 rake

5 € 1 watering pot

15 € 1 composting plant with 1m³

20 € 1 fuel-efficient forewood stove for the preservation of forested areas

30 € 1 kg seeds of Grevillea robusta

50 € 1 goat

100 € 5m³organic soil for the community

300 € 1.000 meters of a tithonien hedge as protection against soil degradation

500 € 2 days of training for 20 tree nursery employees

1000 € → 6.000 tree seedlings to reforest areas

2500 → 2 days of Training for 100 farmers

Our partners: SOS Faim and „Amis du Sud-Kivu“:


SOS Faim is a Luxemburgish non-governmental organisation for development aid. SOS Faim does not only focus on short-term needs, but also problem-solution competencies of the farmers, so that they can improve their working and living conditions sustainably.

SOS Faim is active in 6 African countries and supports in total 20 local organisations (farmers cooperatives, micro-financing instituts, local non-governmental organisations). In total, 900.000 Farmers and their families benefit from their work!

AMIS DU KIVU is an association with Profit Motive and offers activities to enhance the urban activities in North- and South-Kivu - resource efficient, sustainable and socialy responsible / fair. Their work entails sensitisation-, information-, and consulting measures, as well as technical, organisational and financial support. Their main goal is the independence of the local farmers in generating their income.