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NATURATA Bio-Restaurant

If your visit to the shop makes you hungry, if you fancy a bite to eat with friends, or if you would like to try organic dishes during your lunch break, the NATURATA Bio-Restaurant in Munsbach is the place for you.

The NATURATA Bio-Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday. You can start the day with breakfast and the daily paper, from 8:30 am.

We serve lunch from 11:30 am to 2 pm. Enjoy our range of varied menus – vegetarian, vegan or meat-based – made essentially from local and regional produce and prepared for you in our semi-open kitchen. In general, you can compose your own dish to suit your tastes: there is a wide range of accompaniments available. You can serve yourself at our fresh salad buffet.

Every day, we have a different menu of the day. Sautéed bulgur with vegetables and feta cheese, vegetarian cannelloni, or couscous galettes with spinach curry are just a few examples. On Fridays, we also have a fish dish.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a slice of cake, a BIOG ice cream or a vegan dessert.

The large roof terrace is open weather permitting. From there, you can enjoy a magnificent view across the Munsbach rooftops, an ideal place to stop thinking, just for a moment, of work and the daily grind.

The green Ecobox to tackle food wastage

The NATURATA Bio-Restaurant in Munsbach is taking part in the ECOBOXdeposit system from the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development in conjunction with SuperDrecksKëscht. For a 5-euro deposit, you can take away your meal or leftovers in the green Ecobox, which you can exchange on your next visit for a clean Ecobox or your deposit back. That way, you contribute to a reduction in food wastage and packaging materials.

The NATURATA organic restaurant is located on the first floor and is accessible by stairs or lift. A customer car park is available just opposite the NATURATA store. We also have an underground car park. There is a bus stop a few metres away.