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Vegan lemon cheesecake

A refreshing recipe from Julie Jager

The base

1 Soak the dates in cold water the day before.

2 On the day, let the dates drain and blend them to a paste. Gently mix with the other ingredients. Place a strip of rhodoïd (or baking paper) inside the circle to facilitate demoulding. Spread 25 g in each circle. Press down.

The cream

1 Soak the cashews in cold water the night before. Drain.

2 On the day, melt the coconut oil. Blend all the ingredients in a blender. The consistency of the cream should be silky smooth and creamy, rather than liquid. Taste and adjust the lemon flavour. Pour into circles or verrines.

3 Leave to set in a cool place for at least 12 hours. Garnish.

If you like the scent of coconut oil, use a classic coconut oil, otherwise opt for a neutral coconut oil.