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From april 2021 onwards, we expand our product range with homemade organic traiteur products. The specialties, which are freshly prepared every day, will be available at the Naturata Bio-Boucherie counters, at our bistros, at the restaurant, as well as at the Naturata bakery counters.

The Bio-Traiteur products are handcrafted at the newly established atelier in Marnach, which is connected to our Naturata Bio Marché. The past few months, Laszlo Pakozdi and his team have worked on a concept for the new traiteur product line; they have developed the individual products and perfected their recipes.

„Apart from the freshness, the quality and the taste, it is very important to us to use as much regional organic food as possible for the production of our delicacies”, says Laszlo Pakozdi, head of the traiteur atelier. Thus, the dairy products are sourced from the BIOG dairy and the BIOG-cheese dairy at the Demeter farm Kass-Haff. Pasta products, such as short pastry for the quiches and bread for the Croque Monsieur are delivered by the Bakhaus in Munsbach. Our partner Biogros provides fruits and vegetables and meat products are coming from the Bio-Boucherie Niessen in Troisvierges.

Traiteur Marnach Team

Laszlo Pakozdi and his team look back on many years of experience regarding catering products. Mister Pakozdi was previously the head of the Bio-Restaurant in Munsbach.

The delicacies complement the offer of our Bio Boucheries in Merl, in Rollingergrund, in Munsbach and in Howald. In addition to our existing offer of organic meat and sausage products, our clients now have a larger selection of homemade delicacies. Even if there is only limited time, customers do not have to forgo a healthy and high-quality meal.

The quality and regionality play a huge role in the selection of the ingredients. We solely use organic ingredients. As already applied to every other product in our Naturata Bio Marchés, a fair and associative collaboration with our partners and suppliers has top priority. A pricing policy based on partnership, a fair cooperation and a reliable acceptance of the products are the fundamental pillars of our corporate activity. They ensure a high planning security for our farmers, our suppliers and their collaborators. Together we can preserve our natural resources and support organic agriculture.